Monday, July 20, 2015

Your Intro is More Important than You Might Think

While video production can be incredibly valuable for marketing your company over the internet, many organizations often don't put into consideration the value of a good intro. These introductions can add visual appeal while making sure your content is recognized as being part of your organization. Here are the other aspects of your campaign that can be enhanced by a good intro.


Intros to videos can denote a sense of professionalism. Even individuals that use webcams purely for content can capture a greater audience by having a well-developed introduction. After all, viewers would be more likely to watch the material if it looks like it was created by a professional.


Depending on the type of service you use for video displays, your audience may be able to share the content with others. Often, people will assume it was created by the one sharing the video. An intro makes it difficult for others to assume possession of your work. References to your business within the material is also helpful in maintaining your brand.

Setting the Tempo

Depending on the type of content you develop, the intro can set the tempo of the entire video. For example, people would expect a higher level of energy from the actors if the intro was more active. Sounds and sights can directly affect the mood of your target audience and make them more receptive to the message you're delivering.

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