Thursday, July 23, 2015

Components of a Good Video Marketing Strategy

There was a time when it was hard to find videos on the Internet; or at least those that were of use to businesses. With the growing popularity of YouTube and social media networks like Vine, however, video has now become an important part of marketing strategies across the globe. When planning a video marketing campaign, certain elements must be in place to make it successful.


A publishing schedule is much more than just dates of when things will be released. It is a timeline of how and when things will get done. A publishing schedule also helps determine what type of content is going to be made, and allows for the proper planning of filming.

Short Videos

Along with long videos, a good video marketing plan should take into consideration the use of short videos that can be placed on social media. Micro video apps can create quick 10-second or less videos that can later be posted on social media. This can help brands increase visibility to a larger audience, especially since some videos play instantly without being clicked on.

Call to Action

When making a video for business purposes, do you simply want users to watch, or do you want them to do something afterwards? It does not have to be anything overly difficult, but any good marketing plan should give customers something to do after watching the video, such as printing a coupon or flier.

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