Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Video Offers New And Exciting SEO Choices

The benefits of search engine optimization have been known about for a number of years, but in recent times the way clients and customers view SEO has changed to include the best in images and video. More than ever before the chance to include video in the options for marketing content has become one of the top options for every business and individual to explore.

Social media platforms are using video more than ever and potential customers are no longer wanting to be tied to the written word to discover more about products and companies. Across the world the use of video is growing and requires the expertise of a marketing campaign created by a high quality video marketing company.

One of the major rules the majority of marketing companies work by is that if a piece of video SEO content does not appear on the first page of Google results pages the work has not been a success.

In many areas of the Internet the use of video has already been proven to be a success for those who have undertaken the use of this technology. The chance to drive up business has seen some real estate companies achieve sales growth of over 400 percent when video is included in search results. Some research suggests the use of video can improve the chance of a page one search engine result by up to five times over those featuring text and images.

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