Monday, October 19, 2015

Improving Sales with Professional Marketing Videos

Video Marketing: Fastest Growing Marketing Trend
Statistics show that online video advertising revenue is expected to reach 16.2 billion worldwide. This is due to the increased trend of video marketing consumption on smartphones and tablets. Consumers on average spend 22.5 minutes per day watching online videos. This rate is expected to increase to 30.4 minutes per day in 2016. Statistics also show that consumers are likely to watch the entire video ads that are less than two minutes.

Video Marketing Drives More Business
Video marketing is a strategy that companies use to build brand awareness and attract new clients or customers. It’s one of the most effective marketing tools that can improve conversion rates and create more engagement between the company brand and consumers. Consumers feel more connected to the brand and its message, and they are more willing to purchase the products being advertised after watching online marketing videos.

Hiring a Video Marketing Team can Improve your Brand
The simple act of uploading a video doesn’t automatically improve sales and conversion rates. There must a specific strategy and creative approach designed to appeal to a consumer market. A professionally produced video can help brand your company, attract and retain customers, and build customer loyalty. A video marketing agency can help you create a content strategy to effectively communicate your message to your audience. They can apply their resources and expertise to create the vision that you want.

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