Monday, September 21, 2015

How a Short Video Can Help Your Business

In an online world that's full of more and more information and advertising, videos are starting to stand out as one of the best ways to develop a brand on the web. A concise and fun video can be played easily on a mobile device, doesn't require a large investment of viewer time or attention, and is often more memorable than the same message in print. In short, a good video marketing agency can create a short video about your business that can be played online to help attract leads and build good feelings about your brand.

Humans Are Visual

A short video can get across extremely complex ideas in a simple and understandable way. A well-made video has a narrative and sense of fun to it that will draw viewers in and keep them on the site until it's over. Visitors to a new web site will leave extremely quickly if their attention isn't captured right away, and a short video is an effective way to keep them.

Videos That Aren't Advertisements

A short video about your brand doesn't have to be directly promotional. Instead, you can use your video to give helpful tips that build goodwill towards your brand and also showcase your expertise. For example, a plumbing business might post a video about how to unclog a toilet yourself. If viewers enjoy the video, they are more likely to call that particular business when they have a bigger problem.

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