Friday, August 28, 2015

Local SEO Tips to Ensure You Come Out on Top

If you’re a New York business owner, you want to have every advantage possible over your competition. One of these advantages is to have a higher search engine ranking. For people searching for locally, you’ll want to appear near the top of the list. Here are several tips on how to ensure this happens.

  • Optimize Your Site. One of the best ways to ensure you show up in local search results is to optimize your site for popular keywords in your industry. Additionally, mentioning your location frequently on your website is a smart way to raise your profile locally. Other methods to optimize your site is to use a Google Maps widget to show your location.

  • Provide the Right Information. There are a lot of business directories in use in New York: Yelp!, Yellowbook, etc. Owning a listing on these online directories is just the first step. The important thing is that the information on them needs to be correct. Wrong information will only annoy potential customers and lower your search index ranking.

  • Encourage Reviews. Another way to raise your online profile is to encourage your existing customers to leave reviews on your website or on an external review website. Positive word-of-mouth from locals can help a lot in raising your ranking.

These are just some tips on how to raise your online profile. There’s a lot more that can be done though. Contact an SEO specialist to help you craft an online marketing campaign that works for your business.

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